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West Hills College Coalinga Rodeo
Scholarship Application


Please return to:
Justin Hampton — Rodeo Coach
West Hills Community College District
9900 Cody Street
Coalinga, CA 93210


Name Address


City, State, Zip __________________________________________________________________________________


Age ____________


Home phone  _______________________________________ Cell Phone __________________________________


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Rodeo Accomplishments (list awards, title, championships won) use additional paper if necessary


Briefly describe your educational goals and you intended major course of study


Briefly describe the goals you have set in college rodeo



West Hills College Coalinga
Scholarship Application


Agriculture/Rodeo Program
(Incoming Freshman ONLY)


Part II


General Information — Please print or type information


Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please note that this is a one year scholarship,
returning student must apply for additional scholarships


Last Name, First Name, Middle                                        Social Security #


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Academic Information


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Career Goal(s): __________________





Anticipated Graduation WHCC date:  ________________ Planned school to transfer: ________


High School Attended                                        City, State


College/University Attended                               City, State


College/University Attended                               City, State


Current Class Level


Entering from high school (Please submit high school transcript)


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Grad List __________


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Quarter Cum GPA  ________________________ College Unity Completed _________________


Awarded: Y        N      / Initials  _____________ Name of Scholarship ____________________



  1. 1.      Complete Part I, II and IV. Part III is optional, but may assist you qualifying for additional scholarship funding.


    2.      I will acknowledge receipt of the scholarship by writing a thank you letter to the donor, care of: West Hills Community College Foundation.


    All Applicants:


    As a scholarship applicant, I hereby authorize the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at West Hills College Coalinga to release the information contained on this application as well as my academic transcripts to campus personnel and/or private donors as may be required in connection with security or reviewing a scholarship for me. Furthermore, I understand that scholarships may be denied or withdrawn if any information reported on this application is found to be intentionally misleading or inaccurate. I also understand I must maintain the GPA requirement of each scholarship each semester throughout the award year to remain eligible for continued semester funding.



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    Personal Information: Your response to this section is optional and intended solely for identifying applicants for designated scholarships.


    q  American Indian


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    q  Chicano/Mexican American


    q  Other Hispanic


    q  Filipino


    q  Pacific Islander


    q  Asian


    q  Portuguese


    q  Other


    Have either of your parents obtained a college/university degree? Yes or No (circle one)




    Answer the following questions using complete sentences.
    Type or print clearly. Attach sheet if necessary.


    Briefly describe your educational goals


    Do you plan to become a teacher? Yes or No (circle one)


    Describe your service to West Hills College Coalinga and/or the community. Include offices held, club/team membership, projects, etc.


    Do you need financial assistance to continue your studies? Please explain. (To be considered for needs-based scholarships, you will need to complete a FASFA before March 1st of any given academic year)


    What are your career aspirations and why have you selected this field?













































































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