Myron Norfleet

Myron Norfleet

What do you like about being a student-athlete at WHCC?
“Opportunity. Everyone here gets an equal chance to prove they can play. You feel like you have the support, from the teammates to the faculty and staff. I feel real comfortable being here. It’s great to be a Falcon!”

How have you improved as a player this season?
“Slowing down the game. I let the game come to me. I’m more relaxed in games, keeping my composure. I have more freedom to make plays here as a quarterback. I like the coaching style from coach Berna. He has better strategies and tactics to attack the defense. I see the game differently now.”

Why did you decide to attend WHCC?
“I saw the opportunity to play California football. I was at a Division II school in Kentucky as a redshirt and didn’t fit the offense. I sent film to the coaching staff at West Hills and contacted coach Berna. I had a couple teammates from California and they said good things about West Hills. I knew they had a new head coach, and I knew this program was on the rise. I wanted to be part of that.”

Why should potential football players consider joining the Falcons?
“It’s a great place to showcase your talent. If you want to get to the next level, this is a great college for you. The coaching and support around you – you never feel by yourself, and you feel like the community is behind you as well. The counselors and instructors are easy to work with. The classes are small, so the instructors are willing to work with you. Everything is positive.”

What motivates you to succeed?
“God, family and my future. My goal is to return to a four-year university and play professional football. I’m majoring in sports medicine and physical therapy. I’d like to one day work with athletes and have my own business.” 

What is your favorite memory so far at WHCC?
“Last week (vs. Foothill), my play-action pass to Isaiah Clark-Brown for 55 yards. He was my last option on the deep route. He told me at halftime that it’s been wide open. So, the first play of the second half, we connected. I saw the safety drop on the play-action, the line did a good job protecting, and Isaiah made a great play. We scored a touchdown a couple plays later.”

You were voted American Division Player of the Week, and after five weeks you lead the state with 13 rushing touchdowns. Are you surprised?
“Not really. We just play game by game. I let the game come to me and I credit coach Berna for putting us in position to make these plays. We have a strong offensive line, talented running backs and receivers, so we feel like no one can really stop us. These are nice accomplishments, but we ultimately want to win another championship here.”

What’s the best thing about the team?
“Our brotherhood. We struggled early in the season. But we are bonding now and we are a close group. We are getting to know each other and we have the unity you want in a team. Everyone is onboard.”