Abigayle Hampton

Abigayle Hampton

What do you like about being a student-athlete at WHCC?
“WHCC has amazing community support. I like that anywhere you go in town people know who you are. If you were at a bigger university, nobody would know the difference between a rodeo athlete and a baseball player. Everyone knows you in this community and therefore the people support everything you do.  Not only is the community supportive, but the school in general is also. All of our athletic teams support each other and I think that is great.”

How have you improved as a rodeo this season?
“I’ve improved in rodeo this year tremendously. Last year, I think I mentally got in my head and therefore I wasn’t able to compete at the level that I should have been. This year, I’ve really been able to calm my nerves and focus on my main goal, which is reaching the college finals in June. I set goals for myself early on in the year, one being that I’d be sitting in good standings after the fall rodeos. After the fall rodeos this year I am leading the breakaway roping by more than a hundred points. I am second in the goat tying, only 30 points behind first – and I have almost 600 points in the all-around standings. I have now set new goals which is to win region titles at the end of year.”

Why did you decide to attend WHCC?
“I am not going to lie, my biggest decision on going to West Hills was because my dad was the rodeo coach. My dad’s been my coach my entire life and it was the perfect opportunity to continue my coaching with him. I’ve lived here my entire life and I love this small little town. It’s been the biggest blessing to continue my education and rodeo career at West Hills with some of the best facilities and the best coaches.”

Why should potential rodeo performers consider joining the Falcons?
“Definitely! West Hills has one of the best facilities for rodeo in the nation. It has great weather all year long. And the coaching staff all want to see you succeed and get better.  I cannot say enough great things about the rodeo program here at West Hills.”

What motivates you to succeed?
“I’ve always been a competitor, and with that has come a lot of responsibility. From horses, to my attitude in and out of the arena, there is a lot that I have to be aware of and be responsible for. Another thing that really motivates me, is the fact that young competitors are constantly looking up to me, and I love that feeling. Eventually I want to be able to help others to be better and to succeed like I’ve been able to do.”

What is your favorite memory so far at WHCC?
“I have a lot of favorite memories at West Hills. I think my most favorite memory or should I say memories, are that of when our team is practicing.  We are always laughing and having fun. We always lift each other up and to me that is worth more than gold.  We have a competitive team and they strive to get better along with wanting to see others get better.” 

What are your future goals after graduating from WHCC?
“After graduating West Hills, I am actually going to come back and rodeo again for West Hills while taking classes online at a university. Like I said before West Hills has one of the best facilities and best coaching staffs in the nation and for that I want to continue my Rodeo career one extra year because it’s going to be hard to go somewhere else to match this amount of support.”