Brittany Dias, Volleyball

Brittany Dias, Volleyball

What do you like about being a student-athlete at WHCC?
"I enjoy being a student-athlete at WHCC because the entire program is amazing! The college is very supportive and it has a great atmosphere. Also, what makes being a student-athlete even more fun is being able to have our large and loud student section cheering us on."


How have you improved as a player this season?
"This season I have improved as a player by knowing that every day at practice it is a battle. Each day we give the effort to perform our best – and the competition is not very easy. It's great because I enjoy the challenge. I have also been asked to do things differently than I did in high school; so I learned to have the willingness to change and I have seen a large amount of improvement with my arm swing, passing, serving, and all-around game. I have also improved on being the person that my team can count on to try and pick them up when things may not be going in our favor. Everything I've learned at West Hills has led me to improving on being a better teammate."


Why did you decide to attend WHCC?
"The reason I choose to continue on my volleyball career at WHCC is because I knew they had coaches who were very intelligent with the sport. Also, with my father saying that I had to play at a local college, I knew West Hills was the one I felt would not only be fun, but would help me gain the experience I need in order to succeed as a student and an athlete. There are a several local community colleges, but I'm so glad I decided to attend West Hills and become a Falcon!"


Why should potential volleyball players consider joining the Falcons?
"They should consider joining the Falcons because not only are we a supporting family, but we know how to fight and never give up. Not every match is going to be easy, and here at WHCC you can find the group of girls who are willing to fight for their teammates – and that to me is one of the most important things that should be found in a program. We also care, truly care about each other."


What motivates you to succeed?
"What motivates me to succeed is knowing that if I want to continue to play at the next level then I have to know that this is my last shot. Two years is all that I am given and I have to really stay focused on school and be determined to get to that next level."


What is your favorite memory so far at WHCC?
"My favorite memory so far would have to be when our setter lost her shoe in the middle of a game in Monterey and she continued to play that whole play with it off. To me what made it even more funny was that the ref was up there laughing and did not blow his whistle to stop the ball – so she just continued to slip and slide everywhere. It was pretty great also knowing that she lost her shoe because I stepped on the back of it."